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People at greatest risk need ‘politics of friendship’

Away back in May of 2007, David and I were driving toward the Mexican border on Highway 77 near Victoria, Texas, when we noticed flowers and signs by the side of the road. We stopped and soon realized we were at a place where people were remembering a tragedy. We remembered them last week as news came […]

Summit of the Americas: U.S. can’t break old habits

The United States can’t break old habits. That the White House announced Canada’s planned response to the flow of refugees in Central America said a lot to me about the way the Biden administration mishandled the Summit of the Americas. Exclusions and boycotts drew the most attention.

In Haiti, the Day of the Flag is marked with protests and proposals for change

In the wake of weeks of violence perpetrated by criminal gangs, the civil society organizations and political parties that have proposed ways out of the country’s political and legal chaos have called for a march against violence. It’s Flag Day in Haiti, marking the creation of the national flag 219 years ago – just before the triumph […]

¿Dónde están? Saturday in Guatemala City

I’ve been coming to Guatemala fairly regularly for more than 25 years, but I’m not sure I ever took the time to contemplate profoundly what has happened here since 1954, not the way I have this past week. Some photos and stories make up a second blogpost from this beloved land. I’ll be a little out of touch for the next week, but back after May 8 with some updates.

Option for the Poor: the Life and Witness of Bishop Juan Gerardi

Jim Hodgson After being away for three years, I have returned to Guatemala to join a small Breaking the Silence team that will be looking into just one of a myriad of land conflicts that continue to afflict this country’s most impoverished people. I’ll write more about that in days and weeks ahead.  For now, I want […]

Complex thinking about war, religion, oil and sanctions

Jim Hodgson Just before heading out for a bike ride on a warm spring day, the last thing that I heard from the TV was a CNN talking head ranting about a certain “genocidal maniac.” You know about whom he was speaking.  I had just read a reflection by the Portuguese sociologist, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, on […]

War and Peace, Sanctions and Social Movements

Story and photos by Jim Hodgson Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine is a massive failure of diplomacy and the oft-abused “rules-based international order.” Yes, President Vladimir Putin has done wrong. Sadly, most western countries failed to support recent diplomatic efforts by France and Germany or the earlier Minsk Accords.  Decades earlier, we who were part of […]


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